Soothe & Settle - Organic Baby Set - SOLD OUT

  • Dhs. 190.00

A wonderful gift to introduce this beautiful range of baby products containing 5 products from Mumma Love Organics -  Kind to skin and perfect for little ones of all ages. 

The Award-Winning Mumma Love Organics’ baby skin care range has been specially created to soothe and settle babies the natural way.

Developed, approved and made in the UK, the comfort and contentment that these products have been designed to bring will inspire better sleep patterns; especially when used alongside the baby massage techniques found in the “Comfort, Settle & Sleep” book.

Settling Easy Breathe Baby Balm 50ml - This Easy Breathe Baby Balm has been specially developed to settle baby when congested. Formulated with eucalyptus and lavender oil, it provides natural relief to babies. Eucalyptus has cooling, soothing vapours to help maintain healthy respiration while lavender relaxes and settles your baby when poorly. The Balm will lubricate dry mucous membranes to ensure healthy airways and clear your little one’s head, leaving them comfortable enough to settle down for the night. Developed and made in Britain.

Comforting Baby Aromatherapy Miracle Oil 10ml - Mumma Love Organics Baby Aromatherapy Miracle Oil is a comforting aroma to help your little one settle down for a good nights sleep. It is recommended that a few drops are placed into a bowl of warm water or into a vapouriser to sooth and settle your baby into a peaceful sleep. This organic product is also paraben and silicone free.

Soothing Baby Massage Oil 100ml - This soothing massage oil from Mumma Love Organics is made from a delicate blend of organic oils perfect for your baby's delicate skin. Baby massage has been proven to have many benefits such as reliving wind, constipation as well as promoting a good night sleep. It is silicone and paraben free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Simply warm some oil into your hands and massage gently into your baby's skin.

Soothing & Settling Baby Bedtime Bath Wash 250ml - Perfect for use before bedtime. Natural and organic with a gentle blend of lavender, Baby Bedtime Bath Wash will relax baby right at the start of their nightly routine. A delicate aroma that will encourage baby to place their little heads down to rest, promoting a calm that will last well into the night.

Comfort, Settle & Sleep Book - written Samantha Quinn, the founder of Mumma Love Organics and filled with effective and practical ideas. Packed with natural, calming techniques to ensure baby makes a smooth transition from the womb to the cradle, this fab book offers advice on natural remedies for mother and baby, including holistic ways to cure common ailments. 


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